1: Simone Biles, Olympic champion, reveals her Tokyo struggles. Mental health comes first.

2: Biles prioritizes well-being over competition. The decision was tough but necessary.

3: Tokyo aftermath: Biles owned her truth and took a step back. Resilience at its finest.

4: Simone's courage inspires others to prioritize mental health. No shame in self-care.

5: Embracing vulnerability, Biles opens up about walking away from the Olympics. Honesty prevails.

6: The aftermath of Tokyo taught Simone the importance of listening to herself. Self-compassion wins.

7: Real talk from Simone Biles about the pressure to perform. Mental health matters most.

8: In a world focused on success, Biles chose her well-being. Empowering decision-making process.

9: Through adversity, Simone Biles finds strength in vulnerability. Tokyo aftermath revealed her true resilience.