1: RFK Jr's dangerous campaign of false conspiracy theories led Politifact to name him 2024's Lie of the Year.

2: From pushing COVID misinformation to spreading anti-vaccine propaganda, RFK Jr's falsehoods have caused harm.

3: Despite warnings from experts, RFK Jr continues to spread misinformation to his followers.

4: Politifact's decision to name RFK Jr as Lie of the Year sends a strong message.

5: The dangers of misinformation are clear, and RFK Jr is a prime example.

6: It's important to fact-check sources like RFK Jr and hold them accountable for spreading lies.

7: Support credible sources and reject the harmful misinformation pushed by RFK Jr.

8: Educate yourself and others on the dangers of conspiracy theories and false information.

9: RFK Jr's campaign of lies must be stopped to protect public health and safety.