1: Explore the beauty of Blue Ridge Parkway, but remember it's closed near Asheville due to visitors trying to feed a black bear.

2: Feeding wildlife is dangerous and illegal. Stay safe and respect nature when visiting Blue Ridge Parkway.

3: Encountering a black bear can be thrilling, but never try to feed or approach them. Stay at a safe distance.

4: Protect yourself and the wildlife. Respect the rules and regulations of Blue Ridge Parkway to ensure a safe visit.

5: Stay informed and follow the latest updates on Blue Ridge Parkway closures near Asheville due to bear feeding incidents.

6: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Blue Ridge Parkway responsibly. Remember, wildlife is best observed from a safe distance.

7: Report any sightings of illegal feeding or irresponsible behavior near Asheville on Blue Ridge Parkway to authorities.

8: Help preserve the natural habitat of black bears and other wildlife by respecting their space and not feeding them.

9: Plan your trip to Blue Ridge Parkway with safety in mind. Stay alert and embrace the wilderness without endangering yourself or the wildlife.