1: "Traditional Practices" Some people feel church's traditions are outdated and don't resonate with them.

2: "Judgmental Atmosphere" Many avoid church due to fear of being judged for their beliefs or lifestyle.

3: "Hypocrisy Concerns" Instances of hypocrisy among church leaders or members push people away.

4: "Lack of Community" People seek genuine connections, which some feel they can't find in church.

5: "Doctrinal Differences" Beliefs that clash with personal values can deter attendance.

6: "Busy Lifestyles" Juggling work, family, and social commitments leaves little time for church.

7: "Negative Past Experiences" Past trauma or disillusionment can create a lasting aversion to church.

8: "Perceived Irrelevance" Some view church as out of touch with modern society's needs.

9: "Personal Spiritual Exploration" Many prefer exploring spirituality on their terms rather than through organized religion.