1: Mediterranean Diet Basics Discover the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, known for promoting heart health and digestion.

2: Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Try this flavorful and lean protein dish for a satisfying and nutritious meal that aids in digestion.

3: Greek Salad Enjoy a refreshing mix of vegetables and olives that promote good gut health and overall well-being.

4: Hummus and Pita Indulge in this classic Mediterranean snack that is high in fiber and good for your gut health.

5: Ratatouille Savor this vegetable-packed dish that is rich in antioxidants and supports digestive health.

6: Tzatziki Sauce Dip into this creamy yogurt and cucumber sauce that aids digestion and adds a burst of flavor to any dish.

7: Falafel Treat yourself to these crispy chickpea patties that are a great source of fiber and promote a healthy gut.

8: Stuffed Grape Leaves Delight in this traditional dish filled with rice and herbs that aid in digestion and support overall health.

9: Lemon Roasted Vegetables Try this bright and citrusy side dish that is high in fiber and promotes good gut health.