1: Planting basil near your blueberry bushes can help repel pests and attract pollinators.

2: Nasturtiums deter pests and add a pop of color to your blueberry patch.

3: Lavender attracts beneficial insects and adds fragrance to your garden.

4: Chamomile helps improve the flavor of your blueberries and has calming properties.

5: Marigolds repel pests and add a splash of vibrant orange to your garden.

6: Planting garlic near your blueberries can help deter deer and rabbits.

7: Thyme is a natural pest repellent and adds a savory touch to your garden.

8: Add chives to your garden to help repel aphids and attract pollinators.

9: Rosemary can help deter pests and add a lovely fragrance to your garden.