1: Late-night snacking can lead to weight gain.Be mindful of these 10 foods to avoid excess calories.

2: Desserts like ice cream and cake may contribute to weight gain if consumed before bed.

3: Avoid sugary cereals and granola bars at night to prevent unwanted weight gain.

4: Chips and pretzels are high in empty calories that can lead to nighttime weight gain.

5: Eating pizza and pasta late at night can sabotage weight loss efforts.

6: Fried foods like french fries and chicken wings can pack on the pounds when eaten at night.

7: Alcohol consumption before bed can lead to weight gain due to empty calories.

8: Processed snacks like cookies and crackers can cause weight gain if eaten before bedtime.

9: High-fat foods such as burgers and nachos should be avoided at night to prevent weight gain.